I've made over 100 web videos during the three years I've been at BuzzFeed from start to finish, below are some of my favorite viral hits. 

I Tried To Make Zero Trash For 30 Days, 4M views on YT, 25M views and 231K shares on FB

I Got 100 People To Stop Sucking For A Week, 2M views on YT, 17M views and 164K shares on FB

Guys Try Periods, 12M views on YT, 29M views and 354K shares on FB     

I Want You To Stop Recycling, 900K views on YT

I have also made viral videos with brands and have moved product because of my videos. A good example is This Eco Food Wrap Is Perfect For People Who Love The Environment promoting BeesWrap, which which garnered 1M shares and 90M views on Facebook. The day after the video came out, they had their highest sales day, with four times as many purchases as they had on black Friday.

Guys Try Periods became so viral that the CBS talkshow The Doctors had me and the cast on to talk about the video.